Paul Schumann is a futurist, creative thinker, adviser and writer. He is a proponent and practitioner of collaborative approaches.

He has been a technologist and technology manager in the semiconductor industry (IBM), internal entrepreneur (IBM), cultural change agent (IBM), and consultant (Technology Futures and Glocal Vantage). With 50 years of professional experience, Paul is still excited about learning, and sharing what he is learning.

He is a blogger, writer of numerous articles and book chapters, and coauthor of two books (Innovate! and Superconductivity). Paul has been blogging since 2002 and as of this writing has posted 556 blogs on Insights-Foresight. The Wordle to the right indicates the topical areas he covers.

Paul is a fan of web 2.0 technologies and has applied them to his own work, and to create market intelligence systems for clients. He is expecting to see their application in democracy. His interests also include media ecology and complexity.

He is the founder, past president, and member of the board of the Central Texas Chapter of the World Future Society. Paul is a member of the advisory boards of the Marketing Research Association, the Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas and ACC’s Center for Community-based and Nonprofit Organizations. He is also on the editorial board of On the Horizon journal, and involved with Texas Forums and Extreme Democracy.

Paul is available as a speaker, writer, researcher or adviser. Contact him here.

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