Studies have shown that people that take the time to periodically reflect on their experiences are more prepared, driven, and successful in all walks of life. As a result, Steele canyon High School adopted a requirement for all seniors to complete a Senior Exhibition in order to graduate. It is our hope that taking the time to reflect after courses will allow students to better understand how learning affects their life and will help position them to make more informed decisions about their future.

There are two major components of the Senior Exhibition. A Senior Portfolio that includes 17 reflections from each of your core classes including a sampling of work from each year, evidence of at least 40 hours of community service, a career plan that includes a 2 page write-up, results from personality and career surveys, and other evidence of planning. The second part is a Senior Presentation that includes a summary of your academic growth, personal growth, and planning for your future.


This year your Senior Humanities teachers will be your main contact for support.  Your Government and Economics teacher will be filling out your pre-Exhibiton check off sheet periodically in class as a grade.  They will make sure that your Binder is organized correctly, reflections are complete, work samples are sufficient, and that you have completed your community service.  Your english teacher will guide you through the Future Planning portion and assign and grade the Career Plan and the personality and career interest surveys.  If you do not complete the tasks as they are assigned in those classes you will receive an incomplete as a grade in that class which will results in not graduating until the task is done.


Judging Schedule

The judging of Senior Exhibitions will take place in May of 2018.  The schedule will be posted on this website in March.  You may not change your time or date but will have 2 months to plan.  If you miss your scheduled time you will fail and not graduate. 

The Binder must be completed in the order of the PreExhibition checkoff sheet that you can find here:

Work samples are placed directly behind the corresponding course, NOT at the end of each year.  All materials should be in clear plastic sheet protectors and dividers, that stick out further than the rest must be  for each year and section