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The Actors Sandbox

Where to Find Us

You'll be able to find us at Zolio in Second Life. Join us at the Be My Guest Welcome Center and our host will assist you in getting to the correct soundstage.

First time at the workshop?
Ready to Play?

If you are ready to take the stage and perform in the workshop, Please fill out the Performance Signup Sheet so that we may hold you a spot.

Sandbox Snapshots

The Actors Sandbox is sponsored by Schoolhouse Earth, Suzy's Super Cast & Crew, and TMUnderground. It is an open enrollment workshop offered without tuition to current and potential voice and avatar actors. Sessions are offered regularly on Wednesdays in Second Life, and by special arrangement in Skype and in live venues.

Producers are encouraged to attend. Time is allocated at the end of the workshop to facilitate networking and private conversations with actors about suitability for upcoming events. We ask that producers refrain from distracting the participants in the workshop. We do however, strongly encourage audience feedback in the form of applause and compliments for the performers.


The main information page for The Actors' Sandbox is moved.

Visit that page for current, accurate information about this workshop.

Welcome to The Actors Sandbox. This workshop for voice actors and machinima actors allows participants a chance to show off their skills and work with the creators of new media projects in production. We hold the event weekly in Second Life on Wednesday at 4pm Pacific Time.

The next workshop is:

Wed, 9/3/14 4:00 PM PDT (SLT)
Be My Guest Welcome Center

Want to really get the most out of this workshop? Show up an hour in advance and help us set up. You'll learn something interesting if you do. 

A significant portion of the workshop is performed in Second Life local voice. So please be sure to test your microphone and sound system before you arrive.  If you need some assistance, show up early and one of the facilitators may be able to help you. 

It is okay to participate only in the movement exercises if you are unable to use voice.

We welcome observers (actors and producers). We simply ask that everyone be respectful during performances and refrain from distracting the workshop participants. (There is a networking opportunity at the end of our session to announce auditions and upcoming productions.)

The Framework

These are the framework pieces for the event. In the Second Life version, we do this in three phases total.

Section 1: Introduction and Soliloquy
Section 2: Interpretation, Timing, and Avatar Blocking
Section 3: (optional) Comic Horseplay

Section 1: Introduction and Soliloquy

You will have 5 minutes to prepare. Do both of these segments together, responding to direction appropriately.


Introduce yourself -- you have 60 seconds

Deliver a monologue. The choices are here:
  • Monologue 1: O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill Vol.1
  • Monologue 2: Waco Kid from Blazing Saddles
  • Monologue 3: Jules from Pulp Fiction
  • Monologue 4: Galvin from The Verdict
  • Monologue 5: Erin from Erin Brokovich
  • Monologue 6: Val from A Chorus Line
  • Monologue 7: Luisa from The Fantastiks
  • Monologue 8: Roxie from Chicago
  • Monologue 9: Captain Koons from Pulp Fiction
  • Monologue 10: Roz Washington from Glee: Yes and No
  • Monologue 11: All About Eve-Eve

Section 2: Interpretation, Timing, and Avatar Blocking

In this section, you'll be asked to perform a scene from the workshop materials. Listen closely to direction and be ready to move and trigger animations at the correct moment. You will at some point have a role that requires you to interact in dialog with another actor.

Available scenes:

Section 3: (optional) Comic Horseplay

Follow directions from the facilitator of this section. Demonstrate ability to rapidly understand and comply with instructions, sometimes in a chaotic setting. Have Fun!!!

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