Mission Statement:
 Educating and empowering each student to be successful in life.

Vision Statement:
In partnership with families and community, we will be a culture of excellence where learning thrives and each student has the knowledge, skills, and core values to be a positive global influence.

Belief Statements

Curriculum & Instruction
• We believe that all students should be challenged to learn at high levels; and their learning is our highest priority.
• We believe our students must have access to a comprehensive program of curricular and co-curricular offerings designed to  meet the needs of all students’ learning styles.
• We believe in educating the whole child with a balanced approach to academic, physical, and social-emotional development.

School and Community Relationships
• We believe that family and community involvement and support are essential to student success.
• We believe in a strong community-school partnership based on effective communication.
• We believe that our school-community relationships must reflect our commitment to value the inclusion of all individuals.

Learning Environment
• We believe that students must have a safe and positive environment in which to learn and grow.
• We believe that all students will be held accountable for their own learning.

• We believe that a student’s success requires a commitment to ensuring excellent staff members, facilities, services, and programs.
• We believe that building leadership capacity in the organization and the community enhances the vitality and continuous improvement of our school district.
• We believe that the entire school community shares responsibility for the care and support of our district’s facilities and resources.
• We believe that continuous improvement and professional development are essential to our organization.

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