School2Home has been designed to help meet the needs of participating schools and families at every step.  School2Home recognizes that technology programs work best when implemented in a comprehensive manner.  Ten core program components have been developed and woven together into a cohesive whole. 

Planning, Assessment, and School Leadership - A School Leadership Team is formed to develop a work plan and oversee implementation of School2Home.

Technology Bundles for Students and Teachers - All students receive a computing device to use in the classroom and at home with their families. All teachers receive a device as well.

Teacher Professional Development - Teachers receive 24 hours of professional development on integrating technology and project-based learning into classroom instruction and homework, and using the technology to engage parents and sustain their involvement in education.

Teacher Coaching and Mentoring - Technology coaches and subject-focused champions are designated and supported to provide embedded professional development to their peers.

Parent Engagement and Education - Parents receive 6 hours of training on basic digital literacy, online safety, communicating with the school, and supporting their child’s education.

Student Tech Expert Development - Students are recruited and trained to help provide basic school-site technical support to other students, teachers, and families.

Online Resources - The School2Home website provides support and assistance to teachers for lesson preparation and to parents to engage with schools and acquire digital skills.

Learning Academies - Principals and teachers participate in workshops and online learning communities to share best practices and learn from one another.

Affordable Home Internet Access - Information about affordable broadband service offers and availability of public broadband access centers is shared with the parents.

Evaluation - A comprehensive annual evaluation process provides feedback schools for accountability and input to program managers for continuous improvement of School2Home.