Focused on Student Achievement
School2Home is a program designed to help close the Achievement Gap and the Digital Divide by integrating the use of technology into teaching and learning at low-performing middle schools throughout California.  It is sponsored by the California Emerging Technology Fund and The Children’s Partnership.

Close the Achievement Gap
    · Targets Title 1 middle schools in Program Improvement
    ·  Helps students acquire core skills in reading, writing, math and science
    ·  Provides students the chance to develop the deeper learning skills needed to succeed in high school and beyond
    ·  Engages parents as learning partners

Close the Digital Divide

    · Targets families who lack home computers and broadband
    ·   Makes technology relevant with school-centered parent education and engagement
     ·  Infuses technology into every aspect of student learning at school and home

A Comprehensive Program

 The School2Home program consists of ten program components that have been woven together into a comprehensive program to achieve sustainable academic gains.  There is a focus on capacity-building so that schools can implement the program step by step.       
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School2Home Launches Searchable Resource Database 

Beginning September 17, 2012, visitors to the School2Home website can find the site’s resources with a user-friendly searchable database.  There are over 500 resources for teachers, parents, students and administrators.  Resources are categorized by middle school subjects as well as many topics important to parents, administrators, and teachers alike. As new resources are added to the website, they will be entered in this searchable database.  For search tips, visit a user page (teacher, student, administrator, parent) from the menus at the top of this page.  To begin searching, click here.

San Fernando Institute for Applied Media Parents attend iPad Workshops

In April, parents of students at San Fernando Institute for Applied Media attended iPad trainings as part of the School2Home program.  Parents or guardian attendance at these workshops is a requirement in order for the student to take the device home every day.

The workshops include an orientation to the  technology device chosen by the school. The parents receive a guidance in helping their student use of the Internet safely. They also are shown how to use the device to connect with teachers and the school personnel as well as how to access valuable information on their child’s academic progress.

CUE Conference Hosts School2Home Meeting - March 2012

Educators from three districts met together during the recent Computer-Using Educators Conference in Palm Springs to discuss implementation of School2Home.  During the meeting teachers and administrators from the two newest School2Home campuses, Frick Middle School in Oakland and the San Fernando Institute of Applied Media in Los Angeles learned about successful implementation strategies from their counterparts at Stevenson Middle School, in LAUSD.  Stevenson was one of two beta-test sites for the School2Home program.  The group enjoyed sharing ideas and challenges.  They plan to get together again at the ISTE Conference in San Diego this June.

Skype conversation between LAUSD and OUSD

School2Home Oakland Teachers Complete initial Professional Development Program

On February 28, 2012 teachers in the Building Learning Communities School2Home Program completed the initial 24-hour professional development program.  It was the first time that the professional development program was delivered in eight 3-hour modules.  Teachers met on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00 - 7:00 PM at one of the three Oakland school sites, on a rotation basis.   
At the last session, teachers in Oakland met via Skype with the Los Angeles School2Home coach, Ms. Stiles, who shared implementation strategies with the northern California team.