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GLIS Uniform Policy

Girls in Early Pre K through 4th grades are required to dress in navy blue jumpers, skirts or wide baggy slacks, white or light blue blouses or shirts. Girls in 5th to 8th grades are required to dress in navy blue shirts and long khaki skirts or loose fitting khaki pants. Sixth through eighth grade girls may wear the traditional over garment (Jalabiyah), but it must be navy blue to correspond with the school’s colors. Girls in 6th through 8th grades must wear a white or off-white scarf. Remember modesty and decorum should be observed at all times.

Boys in Early Pre- K through 4th grades are to dress in navy blue slacks and white or light blue shirts. Boys in 5th through 8th grades are to dress in khaki slacks and navy blue shirts.

Points of note with regard to the dress code:
1. Pants must not be tight
2. Shirts or blouses should not be transparent
3. Nail polish, hair glitter and make-up are forbidden
4. No jewelry except earrings.
5. Students are not allowed to wear baseball caps inside the building or dress in any way contrary to the principles of Islam.

Parents will receive a ticket each time their child is out of uniform. After three notes, the child will not be allowed to attend class. Parents will be called and asked to bring the child appropriate clothing.