Welcome to English 10! We are looking forward to a wonderful year with each of you. This year we will be working together to explore the world of literature and writing. Through our study of various novels, plays, articles, and types of writing we will develop the skills necessary for success on the New York State Common Core Regents Exam and SAT exams. Additionally, you will be exploring novels of your own choice through book clubs. These book clubs will allow for you to have a hand in selecting works of literature, and participate in discussions with your peers about the subjects and issues that interest you. I encourage communication both in and out of class to ensure a successful year. 

On this website you will find homework, classwork and materials, projects, and resources for you. 

Please check our Google Classroom page daily for classwork, homework, assignments, materials and updates. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to email me (cwhite@scholarsnyc.com) or Ms. Thornton (sthornton@scholarsnyc.com).