Dear scholar and parent or guardian,

            We hope that you’ve had a wonderful summer and that you’re as excited as we are to ring in the new school year!

Our names are Sally Davidson and Karin Kayserian, and we will have the privilege of being your ninth-grade English teachers (or your child’s ninth-grade English teachers). Our approach to teaching is student-centered. Our instruction will therefore be tailored to the interests, learning styles and learning needs of each scholar. This way, we may work readily toward reaching our full potential.

            In the ninth grade, scholars will practice a variety of reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Through close readings, Socratic seminars, debates and written responses, we will draw connections between the past and the present. We will also address essential philosophical questions. More specifically, at the beginning of the school year, we will discuss the nature of power, government and justice while reading novels, mysteries and articles related to current events, and as the year progresses, we will approach the themes of identity, love and suppression while reading the works of James McBride and William Shakespeare, along with numerous articles related to current events. Within this framework, scholars will be provided with opportunities to choose which literary works they read and thus use to cultivate their skills in the areas of reading, writing and speaking and listening, as well as their knowledge of historical periods. The knowledge and skills we’ll develop over the course of the year will serve scholars well in high school, in college and in their careers.

In order to achieve these learning goals, scholars must come to class motivated to learn and prepared – that is, having done the necessary work and brought the necessary materials. Exhibiting such preparedness will garner respect both in and outside of the classroom.

Young scholar, we genuinely hope that you are as excited as we are to ring in the new school year, as there is so much to look forward to in your ninth-grade year. You will act as a role model to middle school scholars, and together, we will plan and participate in a range of fun events, through which you’ll bond with your classmates. Then, at the end of the year, we will commend your hard work with end-of-the-year events.

Parent or guardian, because we believe that our collaboration will benefit your child tremendously, it is our intention to correspond with you and invite you to our classroom on a regular basis. When possible, we would love for you to participate in our celebrations of student achievement. Plus, throughout the year, you may find important information regarding this course and your child’s growth on our Google Site, Google Classroom and Pupil Path. We encourage you to contact us without reservation with any questions or concerns (please see contact information below). Thank you in advance for your support!



Sally Davidson and Karin Kayserian


Sally Davidson

Scholars’ Academy Ninth-Grade English Teacher

E-mail: sdavidson@scholarsnyc.com

Work Phone: (718) 474-6918


Karin Kayserian

Scholars’ Academy Ninth-Grade English Teacher

E-mail: kkayserian@scholarsnyc.com 

Work Phone: (718) 474-6918

You can find important information for the course on this Google site, Google Classroom and Pupil Path at https://pupilpath.skedula.com/.