Any student looking to participate on a team or in an extracurricular activity must complete the following if they are on Academic, Lateness or Dress Code Probation:

A student must first meet with their grade level counselor to confirm if they are eligible for an appeal. If a student is determined to be eligible, after the meeting they must:

  1. Write or type a letter clearly stating the following:
    • Why the student is on probation
    • What their plan is to improveĀ 
    • Why they are appealing
  2. Print all of their current grades off PupilPath and have each teacher sign next to their subject
  3. Bring all of the above documents to the guidance counselor for consideration

Once the appeal is granted or denied, the student will receive a Probation Appeals Contract from their grade level counselor and the student must acquire all the required signatures on the Contract.

The Probation Appeals Contract can be downloaded and printed below:

Probation Appeals Contract

Please note that it can take up to 1-2 weeks for appeals to process and participation in athletics and/or extracurricular activities is contingent upon successful completion of all the requirements stated in the Probation Appeals Contract.