Welcome to our class website! This website will be used as a web portal, a communication device, and as a tool to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom. Please explore this site freely and know that all websites/videos linked to this site have been pre-approved for students and families. Please use the contact page if you have any questions about this site. 

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Important Information:  

If you are looking for additional study materials, we have attached a 6th grade math textbook to the bottom of this page. Please review this resource for extra practice problems and further clarification of key terms and mathematical procedures. You can also find practice worksheets with answer keys, screencasts and math videos under the units of study tabs on the left.

Homework and Assignments will be posted on PupilPathas well as on the calendar located on your teacher's Class Page (see tabs on the left).   Please check these resources regularly!  

Happy Learning!

Ms. Schifini - 6A
Mrs. Villari - 6B
Mrs. Sesock and Ms. Chan - 6C

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Dec 10, 2014, 4:27 PM