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Welcome to Algebra I Regents!

Welcome to our course website!  This website will be used inside and outside of the classroom to support learning with helpful hints, extension activities, and other resources.

To access our current Unit 1 Packet, please locate UNIT 1: EXPRESSIONS AND EQUATIONS on the left column of the website. Once you click on the link, you can locate a PDF version of our packet at the very bottom of the page. Please scroll down if necessary. 

Upcoming  DUE DATES:
Unit 1 Topic 7 Homework DUE 10/5
Unit 1 EXAM on THURSDAY 10/6

What's new in Algebra I?

Check out our graphing calculator tutorials for more information on how to use your graphing calculator.  Your calculator should be in class every day.

All graphs should be done on graph paper!  Click here for free printable graph paper.