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NameDue DateDescription
U01L01 Homework #1 09/14/2016 Watch the video about “tú vs usted”. Take notes in the notetaking sheet found in Google Classroom and Google Sites under “tareas y asignaciones”. You may print out the sheet or complete in the same document. 
U01L04 Homework #3 Day of U01L06 Lesson Mira el video para lección 6. Saca apuntes (Take notes) en la hoja de "notetaking". 
U01L03 Homework #2 Friday, September 16th, 2016 Tarea#2: Watch the video for lesson #4. Write all the vocabulary with its translation in Spanish and English on a loose leaf.  
Quiz #1  September 26th, 2016 (Greetings, you (formal and informal), subjects (materias), classroom objects, and the verb want (querer)) 
Test 1  September 7, 2016  L1-L10 
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