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Misc Tips

I'm a pretty resourceful person, and hopefully some of my lifehacks can be used by others.

  • The most secure way to keep your passwords is also one of the easiest - Lastpass
  • Each person in the family, including the kids, should have their own Google Calendar, shared with each other. This can help make sure everyone can make plans with less of a likelihood of conflicts, without having to call everyone every time.
  • Save common key combinations, like Alt+Tab to singles keys (F1, in that case) using AutoHotKey
  • Have a backup strategy for your data. I can recommend a strategy, but first and foremost you must have one. Mine is to have a local drive on my main computer, mirrored to a network drive on the home wireless network. Then CrashPlan installed on a Ubuntu USB stick mounts either the local or network drive and backs up to the cloud. Total cost is 2 2TB HDs (have lasted me years so far) + ~$55/year for CrashPlan.