Weeble Wobble is almost back up.

posted Feb 21, 2012, 7:30 PM by Bill Schlesinger   [ updated Feb 28, 2012, 3:05 PM ]
I have lost my weeble wobble pictures. They are on this computer somewhere.
There you are. 

Anyway breathing is a little better each day. Had an MRI today. Very rough on the breathing.
I have an appointment Friday in Skoki Illinois  for another chest xray and then to see the Dr.
While there we may be able to get some good Jewish deli stuff.
Doing my breathing exercises but Suzi says not enough. Got to keep trying. 
Today 2/22/2012 I am able to pull about 1200 ml on the inspire test machine. Not sure what my goal is.
Suzi can pull 3000ml but she is a trained singer with LOTS of breath control training.
More later. 
I saw Dr. Liptay and he informed us everything is looking great after the procedure. He examined both the MRCP and the chest x-ray.
Keep exercising and the bbreathing will gradually get stronger.
The lung has definitely expanded quite a bit but has more room to go.  I have a followup appointment in 3 weeks.

Latest Chest X-Ray that Dr. Liptay ordered. He informed that it shows much improvement and more expansion is expected. It is also sticking to the rib cage nicely

Today is Sunday February 26, 2012 and doing fine. Breathing easier every day. Have to push myself to exercise.  Not doing it very well and Suzi didn't nag me today.
Spent the evening yesterday with my Grand Daughters. There mom and dad were there also and made TACOs. Great stuff. 
Wednesday the 29th I have an appointment to see Dr. Ganger. Learn new things then I suspect.