What's happening in Pre K?

Sharing is a skill that we are working on this year!

"It's mine!" Oh, the challenges of sharing when you have just learned what belongs to you and what belongs to others!  Sharing is indeed difficult for preschool children. Fortunately between the ages of four and five, sharing becomes easier.  Watch for these social developments in your preschooler.

* Four year olds grasp the concept of sharing very well.  They play cooperatively with their friends and are willing to share their possessions.

What can you do to help your preschooler's transition from a possessive preschooler into a caring sharer?

* Encourage sharing; don't force it.  A reluctant sharer may feel that his/her needs are less important than the other child's needs.  Forcing a child to comply is not the same as teaching him/her to be generous.

*Acknowledge that sometimes it is hard to share.  Use empathy rather than scolding to encourage sharing.

*Applaud sharing.  Notice times when your child shares willingly with a sibling or friend then compliment his/her efforts.

*Share with your child.  Be a role model for the behaviors you wish your child to exhibit.  Share food, books, and small articles of clothing to reinforce the benefits of sharing.

**The Education Center. Inc. The Mailbox Preschool magazine**

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*Practice your name,letters, colors and numbers