Welcome to the Schalmont Help Desk for Students

Annual Insurance renewals for the all district owned Chromebooks was due June 30. 2016. 
Replacement cost for an uninsured, damaged Chromebook is $259.00.

The Schalmont Help Desk for Students is filled with many useful tips for students.  
Check back often for updates!

The Help Desk provides technical assistance to students for any Chromebook or school related equipment. Students may come to the Help Desk before classes (starting at 7:15 AM), at lunch and after school (up to 3:30 PM).  During the normal school day, students need a pass from their teacher in order to visit the Help Desk.

Help Desk Hours are: 7:15am - 3:30 pm 
Room 118 in the High School
Phone - 355-9200 ext. 3099
Email - helpdesk@schalmont.net