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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Schalmont's Schoology?

A: Schoology is a safe online learning management system that allows teachers to create, manage and share information with their students. Students using Schoology can get class assignments, collaborate with their teacher and classmates, see grades and work on self-paced learning activities. Parents with a Schoology account can see grades on assignment, tests, quizzes and writing.  You can see any Schoology "discussions" your child posted.  You can see classroom updates, homework calendars and other information posted by teachers to Schoology. View the walk-through video below for a better understanding of the parent account.

Q: What will I be able to see from my parent account in Schoology?

A: Through Schoology's "parent portal," you will be able to see your student's grades, teacher comments for that class and class assignments, tests and quizzes. Anything that your student submits in Schoology can be viewed by you as the parent.  You will not be able to participate in or observe 
classroom activities. 

Q: How is Schoology's parent account different from the "parent portal" available through EschoolData?  Why are there two grade sites?

A:  Schoology's parent account provides specific grade information for things like tests, quizzes, writing, and other assignments.  Schoology also offers you homework calendars, classroom materials/resources and can show you if your child owes any work.  If your child is absent, it becomes the first place to look for what school work may have been missed.  Additionally, any student work, assessments, or writing submitted by your child through Schoology is viewable through your Schoology parent account.    Furthermore, for easier parent  (and student) access, Schoology is available for your mobile device by simply downloading the free Schoology IOS or Android app. It is important to remember that Schoology is a "pilot" for the rest of this school year, so expect teachers to take time to acclimate to this new system.

Eschooldata's parent portal, on the other hand, will provide you with your student's official report card scores and attendance information and is meant more as a summary of their learning.  Click here to visit Schalmont's Eschooldata support page.

Click on the Schoology "Parent Account WalkThrough" video below to get a Schoology "tour" from Mr. George.

Q: Is Schoology safe?

Parent Account WalkThrough

A: Yes. Schalmont's Schoology is a monitored online tool that is accessible only to students enrolled in the class and the class teacher. Besides parents with a specific code, outsiders cannot access Schoology. Additionally, your child's account is password protected and only viewable by you and your child. Likewise, you cannot view other families' accounts.
Q: Are all teachers using Schoology?

A: Right now, most high school and middle school teachers are using the Schoology learning management system, its gradebook, and other features.  Teachers' grading practices vary greatly depending on grade level and subject area, so there will be differences.  Expect teachers' use of Schoology to vary based on each teacher's need, preference and comfort level with technology.

Q: As a parent, how do I login to Schoology's new Parent Portal?, 

A: Logging into Schoology Parent Portal is easy.  It begins with an access code to your new parent account.  Email jgeorge@schalmont.net your name and the first and last name(s) of your student(s), and he will send you your Parent Access Code(s).

Schoology Login

Here is a brief video with Mr. George showing the parent login process>>>>>