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10/10 Today was Fire Safety Day! The children enjoyed meeting the local firefighters and getting to climb on board a real firetruck. The south Schenectady Fire Dept is having an Open House tonight from 6:00-8:00. Free Donuts!

10/4 We introduced our first word wall word this week! It is the word "I". Practice at home when you can. enjoy the long weekend!

10/1 October 1st - How did that happen? Today we introduced syllables. We clapped how many syllables in our names!

9/27 We welcomed a new student to our classroom today! Gemma Callander joined our class! We are happy to have her.

9/26 We are learning about rhyming! Try rhyming together at home!

9/24 Thanks for sending in the September Family Projects! We hope to see you all tomorrow night at Open House at 6:00 pm!

9/21 Sorry for not updating the news in awhile... we've been VERY busy getting to know all of our wonderful students! You can see everyone's pictures on the PHOTOS page on this website. Stay tuned for more updates.

8/6 Happy Summer! We will see you soon...