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                                          Friday, June 9, 2017

Week #9 of 4th Quarter
Check SCHOOLOGY for any owed work! This is the last week of regular classes.


Living Environment: 
           6/09 - Study for your Regents exam 
           6/06 - Regents June 2014, Part D
           6/05 - Regents June 2014, Part C
           6/09 - Study for your regents exam
           6/07 - "Claim, Evidence, Reasoning" for otter reading
                        Science World- page 8-11
                     - Check schoology for any missed assignments
                    - Try NYS regents test site or Edusolution.com
           6/06 - Study for tomorrow's quiz
                    - Edusolution.com - Try this site to practice regents questions
           6/05 - Please bring in your textbooks
                    - Last Quiz; Wednesday 6/07/17
                    - Jan 2014, part A
    Della Villa:
           6/09 - Study!
           6/05 - Jan 15, Part D

Global:  Mr. Campbell and Mrs. Carr will begin their Weekly Review Sessions in
             preparation for your Global Regents Exam.  See schedule below. 
             Subject matter will be reviewed chronologically.

             Location:  Schalmont High School Auditorium
             When:  Thursdays, April 27 thru June 8 and Monday June 12th (2:20-3:15)
             Why:  As you know, the curriculum covers 9th and 10th grade so that's a lot
                       of material to cover
    Campbell:  *** Bring your review books to class daily starting Tuesday 5/30/17
         6/09 - Hand in any late work; study for your exam
                  - Review on Monday
                  - Optional Lesson Quizzes on Schoology
         6/07 - In-class review
                  - Unit project due Thursday; 6/07/17
                  - Practice Regents tomorrow 
                  - Optional Lesson quizzes are available until the Regents
         6/06 - Kahoot review today
                  - Hand in any owed work asap
                  - Optional Lesson quizzes available on schoology
                  - Unit project due Thursday
                  - Last Practice Regents; 06/08/17
         6/05 - Check schoology; hand in any owed work
 In class… Hand in Middle Ages Word Association, Finish Posters. 
Poster WS due today and Poster Top 5s due by Friday 6/9/17
Essay Re-write (if you scored a 0-1) MONDAY after School ONLY
Practice Regents Thursday
Unit Project DUE Thursday
Review After School Thursday Lesson Quizzes (4, 2 on 9th grade 2 on this year) Created. DUE 6/14/17
Important: This is an Optional Review Assessment.  If you do not begin it, it will not count for 
or against you. However, if you do begin this review activity you must complete it or the score will 
enter the books.  This is NOT extra credit but a graded assignment.  It follows standard Lesson 
Quiz Rules.  Take it twice and I will enter the highest score
         6/09 - Hand in any owed work; study for your regents exam
         6/07 - Test Corrections and test logs for practice #5; Due 6/08/17
         6/06 - DBQ in-class today
                  - Review after school tomorrow
                  - Optional Unit 5-6 Unit Project
                  - Final day to hand in any owed work
         6/05 - Review latest practice regents
                  - In-class DBQ tomorrow
                  - All late work must be handed in by Friday, 6/9/17

English 10: 
     Mattice:   6/7- Complete all 15 quill.com grammar exercises.
                              Due Thurs. 6/8
                    6/6- Keep working on quill.com
                    6/5-Review Parallel structure on quill.com
                            Period 4-  prompt-plenty                                    

     Curtin:    6/7- Study "Basic Grammar Review" and 
                             Study literary elements
                    6/6-Complete "Basic Grammar Review"   
                    6/5- F451-Complete Discussion Qs #11-13
                                 Spend some time on #13-themes!!
                               ***** Don't forget about Literary Elements Chart *****

Regents Geometry  
      Cas:       6/7- WS 99 A, B, C and Finish "snow cone"
                   6/6- WS 99 A,B,C
                   6/5-Regents E- extra credit if you did not complete "D"
                        Due Thurs. 6/8
                       ** mini circle test -now Tues. 6/6
                           No sliders

Algebra I (2): 

     Farry:     6/8- Watch regents videos on Schoology
                    6/7- Watch and do the 4 purple  regents questions on video...videos are in Schoology
                   6/6-  Bring all practice regents exams to class
                   6/5-  Bring all practice regents exams to class

      Beck:         6/5- Start studying for final
                                 Bring in Book!!