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This page contains summer math work for SCH students leaving 1st grade and entering 2nd grade in September.  The work consists of worksheets and Math Sprints which will help reinforce the math learned this year.  This work is to be completed and then returned to the new classroom teacher on the first day of school in the Fall.    

Work to be completed and submitted on the first day back in the fall.

1) Worksheets, six in all, that contain problems that provide an overview of work that was covered this past year in 1st grade. The suggested summer work schedule provided below contains references to Word documents that are linked as attachments below (week by week) so you can download and print the worksheets.  

2) Math fact worksheets - addition and subtraction worksheets that will provide a means of practicing computation fact recall.

3) Math Sprints - these activities were used during the school year to help students practice and retain computation facts. There are two worksheets for each Math Sprint.  Students complete side A first and then they are told the correct answers.  They record how many they get correct and then complete the second side and they are told the correct answers.  Once again they keep track of the number correct.  The goal of each Sprint is that they get at least one more correct on the second set.   Sprints can be used more than once to reinforce fact practice.  The goal of each sprint set is for students to do a little better each time.  Students are not expected to fully complete the entire sprint each time.  They are encouraged to complete as much as possible in the time allowed and get the answers correct!

Optional Challenge Work:  Challenge activities provided by Mrs Johnson will help students extend and apply mathematics learned previously. These are single page documents that were generated to help children extend their math knowledge. Completion of this work will help prepare students for extra challenge that will be available next year.

Extra:  Your child may continue to use the First In Math website (if they used it during the school year) until July 31 when our yearly subscription expires.

Note: The summer math packet was sent home as a hard copy handout with each student prior to the end of the school year.   To print an extra copy or replace a lost copy, scroll down and look for the PDF file to download and print.

Month-by-month suggested summer work schedule, with links to supporting documents.

June / July

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
 June 24
Worksheet 1 this week

June 25
Math Sprint 1 - both parts
Subtraction Facts worksheet (2 minutes)

Calendar Fun worksheet
Addition and Subtraction facts worksheet

Optional:  First in Math
 7/ 3

Off for holiday
 7/ 4

Off for holiday
Worksheet 2 this week
Math Sprint 2

Optional:  First in Math
Worksheet 3 this week

Math Sprint 3
Number Grid game
First in Math
Optional Extra Challenge
1) Snakes and Dice game
2) Race for a Dollar
3) Hundreds Tens and Ones Riddles

Worksheet 4 this week

Draw points to make $0.30 worksheet
Math Sprint 4
First in Math
Optional Extra Challenge
1) Measure using an inch ruler
2) Add and subtract worksheets (1 to 4)
Use this week for
Optional First in Math work
Optional Extra Challenge
(3 sheets per day?)
1) Going through the city
2) A pretty cent
3) Addition and Subtraction worksheet 5
4) Indian Puzzle

5) Addition/ Subtraction sheet 6
6) The little Giant worksheet
7) Riddle 1
8) Riddle 2
9) Addition/ Subtraction sheet 7
10) Basketball shoutout
11) Picking the coins sheet
12) Riddle 3


 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Worksheet 5 this week


Math Sprint 5

Optional Extra
Riddle 4
Optional Extra
Kids colors

Worksheet 6 this week

Math Sprint 6
Optional Extra 
Mixed Facts 1 and 2
Optional Extra 
Riddle 5
Worksheet 7 this week

Math Sprint 7
Optional Extra 
Riddle 6
Optional Extra 
Finding your way activity
Optional Extras
Riddle 7
Riddle 8
Challenge: Math Sprint 8

Challenge: Math Sprint 9

Challenge: Math Sprint 10

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