Welcome to the St. Croix Falls Middle School Counseling Webpage

Denise Sinclear Todd-Middle School Counselor

Office Number A117             483-2507 Extension 1204

 Mission Statement:

            The purpose of the St. Croix Falls Counseling Program is to work with all students providing support and teaching skills necessary for success in school and preparation for the future.


            Counselors work in our schools with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community through a balanced program of direct and indirect services and activities.  Large and small group structured curriculum units provide systematic instruction for all students at all grade levels.  Counselors plan with teachers and then teach, team teach, or assist in teaching the units in classrooms or large group settings.  Individual planning activities are provided to all students to assist them in planning their next steps educationally and occupationally.  Individual planning activities are initiated in the middle school grades and are continued and expanded in the high school years.  Individual, small group, personal and crisis counseling is always available to all students; as is consultation for parents, teachers, and administrators concerning student behavior and academic progress.  Referrals to other professionals in the school district or to agencies and institutions outside of the district are made as required or requested.  Finally, counselors support the overall district’s educational program through general consultation activities and committee work.  Counselors also support their own program through management and research activities, community outreach, parent education, business and industry visitation, and professional development.

 Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Competencies covered in large and small group include:

                Academic Success                                                            Career

Decision Making                                                            Personal/School Safety       

Diversity                                                                        Character Education     

Social Skills                                                                        Transition                                   


 Ms. Sinclear will provide all student materials and all work will be done in class or small group.  Assessment will be based solely on participation.  Ms. Sinclear will meet with every middle school class two times per month.  Small groups are held opposite 5th and 6th grade classroom guidance.  If you have any questions or I can be any assistance please contact me.  I am looking forward to a great year.

 “Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

                                                                        Abraham Lincoln