Sydney Shue Scholarship

Sydney Shue Scholarship

In honor of long-time SCE fitness instructor Sydney “Sid” Shue who possessed a strong devotion to every student and colleague.
He influenced lives, taught all of us how to love life and meet its challenges with confidence, enthusiasm and healthy living.
Sid was also a Math instructor and it was common to find him tutoring students during an evening workout session.  He made mathematics live for students and many successfully passed math courses as a result of time with Sid.  He touched everyone he met with his wise support and shared his life experiences with profound ideals for living a good life. He enjoyed cooking, spending time with family and traveling the world. He believed in students and lived an example before them.


2 Awards at $250 each


*Student must have completed graduation requirements by June 1, 2013

*Student plans to attend Cypress or Fullerton College in Fall 2013 semester

Essay Writing Prompt - Please address the following:

In a comprehensive two-page essay, discuss the significance of having a strong commitment to education, how you have demonstrated such commitment, and your plan to sustain your level of commitment as you complete your academic goals.