Dr. Jerome Hunter Scholarship

Dr. Jerome Hunter Scholarship 

Jerome Hunter, a former Chancellor of the NOCCCD, was devoted to the students, faculty and staff for 8 years. Upon his retirement in June 2008, the NOCCCD Black Faculty and Staff Association established a scholarship fund as a tribute to Dr. Hunter for his inspirational leadership and commitment to higher education. By all accounts, Dr. Hunter leaves a legacy of excellence and distinction.



*Student must be currently enrolled at SCE

*Student will attend Cypress or Fullerton College in the Fall 2013 semester

*Student intends to major in Liberal Arts, Education, or Teaching

*Student must include a Letter of Recommendation from an SCE faculty or staff member

Essay Writing Prompt–Please address the following:
*What inspired you to seek an education?

*What are your career aspirations upon completion of your education?

*Describe the goals you have established for yourself and your efforts to accomplish these.

*Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and steps you have taken to address this challenge

*Please indicate any special or unusual circumstances of which you would like the scholarship committee to be aware, including 
  such things as extensive
personal and family medical issues, reduction in family income, one-parent family, etc.