Senate Committees

The Academic Senate is the organization on campus that represents faculty in the formation of policy in "Academic and Professional Matters". Representatives from faculty departments are elected to serve. Part of their service is to represent Senate on various committees. The Academic Senate representation is as follows:

Committee Name

Senate Representative

Board of Trustees

Candace Lynch-Thompson

Chancellors Cabinet

Candace Lynch-Thompson

District Planning Council

Candace Lynch-Thompson, Patty Lujan 

Professional Growth & Development

Eileen LaMorte


Eileen LaMorte

Provost Cabinet

Candace Lynch-Thompson, Patty Lujan,

SCE Curriculum

Marsha Elliot, Candace Lynch-Thompson, Patty Lujan, Craig Stephens, Dan Stackhouse, Matt Stivers

District CCC

Marsha Elliot, Candace Lynch-Thompson

SCE Budget

Dean Day, Adam Gottdank

SCE Staff Development

Craig Stephens, Anna Curnes, Maricela Moran, Julie Brown, Lynda Gunderson, Barbara Anderson

SCE Diversity

Alice Niyondagara, Vacancy

District Diversity

Juanita Giampiccolo

SCE Technologies

Dean Day, Elvis Sersea

District Technology Advisory

Vacancy, Vacancy

United Faculty Liaison

Cathleen Mang

Adjunct Faculty United Liaison


CTE Advisory/VTEA

Tina McClurkin, Khanh Ninh 

Grade Appeals

Marsha Elliot


Adam Gottdank, Andrea Sibley-Smith

BSI Advisory Committee

BS - Vanessa Christian, Eileen LaMorte
HSDP - Dan Stackhouse
ESL - Natalya Dollar
DSPS - Andrea Sibley-Smith
Matric - Juanita Giampiccolo


Post Agendas


Wilshire – Craig Stephens
Anaheim – Candace Lynch-Thompson
Cypress – Alice Niyondagara

Adam Gottdank


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