This site contains resources to support teachers in SCDSB with the use of iPads in the classroom.

Other resources:

Considerations for Teachers Integrating iPads

  • How can iPads help me effectively integrate high-yield essential practices in ways that laptops cannot?

  • How can iPads help me differentiate instruction and assessment in my classroom?

  • What can students CREATE using iPads?

  • How do I ensure Creative Commons and Copyright are followed?

An Assortment of Classroom Ideas




Making Student Thinking More Visible

- students can write on the screen and record their voices, describing their thinking



- students choose characters and background while recording their voice. A video is created with the character speaking their words.


Puppet Pals

Digital Portfolios or Archives of Learning

- take pictures of student work, record audio or include video of students in class to a digital portfolio (either student or teacher managed)

D2L ePortfolio


Google Drive

Combining Physical and Virtual Sharing

- students post images in class that when a mobile device with the app “Aurasma” is pointed at, shows an image, video, recording, webpage, etc.


- students create QR codes to their work online and post in class

QR Scanner

Creating Video


*please note, school laptops have many great tools for creating video including Frames5 (stop motion)

- create video including stop-motion, animation, green screen, tutorials, movie trailer-type videos

Educreations (tutorials)

Tellagami (animation)

Puppet Pals (animation)

iMovie (full video and movie trailers)

Adobe Voice (narrated stories)

iMotionHD (stop-motion)

TouchCast (green screen or other interactive videos)


Creating Images


*this can be done easily on school laptops

- you can use iPads to create images that can be used in all of the above high-yield learning activities

Example: Use desmos to create a graph and use it as the background of a video clip where the student is explaining their graph

Desmos (graphing calculator)

Stage (annotate pictures of student work)

Adobe Ideas (drawings and annotation of images)