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Geek Speak

Geek Speak is just a tool for sharing. We create a short PDF with brief outlines of tools that can be used on any device, or a wide-range of devices.

This tool will not change anyones instruction, as per the overall goal of our project. However, it is a quick way to communicate creative or innovative ideas or simply about different tools that are available. We send it out with our weekly newsletter every few weeks. Our collaboration together is what will drive instructional change. Geek Speak simply plants some seeds. It is created in collaboration among staff willing to share.

Geek Speak 2013 09 05

Geek Speak 2013 09 27

Geek Speak 2013 10 25

Geek Speak 2013 11 15

Geek Speak 2013 12 06

Geek Speak - Digital Tool Overload edition