This portfolio documents my evolution as a teacher and learner. I integrate Maker activities into my own science curriculum and support colleagues in developing activities in their K-8 classrooms. The subpages under the Making tab share some of the projects I have explored so far.

About Me

From the beginning of my career I have thrived most when engaged in critical study and reflection. Constantly evolving and improving my methods keeps me excited, motivated and inspired. I believe that education is a powerful force for personal development and social change. I want to contribute to a world where students from all backgrounds and schools have access to the best practices in education. Students will be more engaged and motivated if they can see links between their lives and daily practices and what they do in school. It is apparent that literacy on multiple levels is crucial for developing citizens who critically evaluate and understand the issues we face today. I feel a strong sense of obligation to help prepare not just my own students, but also our educational system, to meet those challenges. 

My current focus as a learner is on integrating "making" into my own curriculum and that of my colleagues K-8. I am using Twitter to share my progress, connect with other maker educators and as a resource for inspiration and support.

“The true center of correlation on the school subjects is the child’s own social activities.” 
                                        -John Dewey 1929

Makerspace with 8th grade

Making at Sonoma Country Day School

My Maker Certificate collaborator, Melissa Kang, and I used the presentation below to communicate with our colleagues about our work, goals and plans for creating our Makerspaces.

Introduction to Making at SCDS