This portfolio documents my evolution as a teacher and learner. 

Why Ed Tech?

As an educator who embraces progressivism, the philosophical tenets of media education rang true.  It made sense that students will be more engaged and motivated Kristen in grad schoolif they can see links between their lives and daily practices and what they do in school.  Young people will continue to use new media technologies, and for educators to turn a blind eye or reject these technologies seems shortsighted.  Teaching students the skills to analyze the technology they use and the media they interact with must be a part of our curriculum.

Why Graduate School? 

     There were three main reasons I decided to enter the graduate program at SSU.  First, I was looking for new ideas and intellectual stimulation to revitalize my teaching.  Second, I was interested in finding a community of educators and learners in Sonoma County. Third, I have always integrated technology into my curriculum and teaching, and want to learn how to do so more effectively.
    From th
e beginning of my career I have thrived most when engaged in critical study and reflection.  Constantly evolving and improving my methods keeps me excited, motivated and inspired. I believe that education is a powerful force for personal development and social change. I want to contribute to a world where students from all backgrounds and schools have access to the best practices in education. It is apparent that literacy on multiple levels is crucial for developing citizens to critically evaluate and understand the issues we face today. I feel a strong sense of obligation to help prepare not just my own students, but also our educational system to meet those challenges.

“The true center of correlation on the school subjects is the child’s own social activities” 

Dewey 1929