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September Newsletter

Greetings Parents!  Welcome to The Mission Hill Library Media Center!

As you might guess, the library media center is a hub of activityJ

LIBRARY BOOK and MEDIA COLLECTION: Our primary mission is to foster high-level reading and information literacy.  Mission Hill Middle School promotes reading at each grade level and in all disciplines so that our students can meet the complex literacy demands of the 21st century.  We have a wonderful selection fiction and nonfiction books, encyclopedias, plus great magazines too.

DEAR:  Mission Hill Middle School promotes DEAR or Drop Everything and Read:) four days a week and challenges students to read nonfiction and fiction books.  Your son or daughter will need a book from home or to check a book out from the library for silent reading during our read time after brunch.

TEXTBOOK CHECKOUT – At the beginning of the year, students check out textbooks and class novels.  You can help your student take good care of his/her textbooks and class novels by talking about what it means to take good care of a loaned book. The cost of replacements has risen to an average of $70.  On page 10 in the planners, students can write down their textbook and class novel barcodes.  This helps students keep track of their books and prevents their books from getting mixed up with other students.  Also covering books prevents damage and keeps books lasting longerJ

LIBRARY MEDIA LAB -The library has nine beautiful computers for student use to complete homework and conduct research.  If students do not have computers or printers at home, they can use these computers as a valuable resource for their academic success before school, lunch, and after school.   Students can use the computers to research, and complete, print, and check homework on schoolloop.

LIBRARY ORIENTATION- All Core or Humanities classes will be visiting the library and computer lab reviewing our basic rules and procedures, learning how the library is organized, and what services we offer to them like helping finding the perfect book, homework assistance before school, lunch, and afterschool, lunchtime games and activities throughout the week plus various opportunities for reading recognition.  We will also review the AUP, or Acceptable Use Policy on being a positive digital citizen. 

SUPPORTING THE LIBRARY-The library serves all students and staff in the school.  Your support in the way of volunteering or donations makes a huge difference.  The library is continuing its goal of updating our nonfiction collection especially in light of the new Common Core standards.  Some ideas for parent volunteers could be to help with lunchtime activities like Crafty Fridays, Thursday Game Day and Geography Bee, Book Clubs, Book Fair in January, making displays, designing scavenger hunts, organizing computer lab, shelving, and much more.  Just let us know your interestJ

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Questions or Comments- Please contact Martha Dyer at or 831-429-3860 ext 215.  Thank you