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Illuminate Gradebook Naming Conventions

posted Jan 29, 2019, 11:11 AM by Martha Dyer

MH Grading Scale

posted Oct 4, 2018, 8:57 AM by Martha Dyer

Grading Scales for Illuminate

Charity Maramonte

Attachments8:13 AM (40 minutes ago)
to Mission
Hey all,

I've noticed from AVID that a lot of our grading scales haven't been set up.  This means students do not see if they have a + or - in a class and is a little confusing for some students.  Here are the steps to set up your grading scales.  I've added a picture of mine just so we can all be on the same page.  If anyone has a different scale in mind, let me know.

1. In gradebook, click on "Set up"
2. Click on "Grading Scales"
3. Manually enter the scales (picture included)
4. In "Also Save This To", add all of your classes

Site-wide Grading Scale

posted Oct 1, 2018, 11:22 AM by Martha Dyer

Guest Teachers/Substitutes and Technology

posted Sep 6, 2018, 9:04 AM by Martha Dyer

Dear Teachers New to MH,

Before long, you will need a guest teacher, and here is a bit of news about having a guest teacher/substitute and using technology:

We do not currently have spare computers to give to guest teachers.  

So if you want to use your laptop to show a video or project a document, you will need to leave the computer for your guest teacher to use with very detailed instructions.  The detailed instructions can be used every time you have a guest teacher. Since I am often the one called in when a guest teacher has tech difficulties, I know that they need all the info about how to get into your laptop and project plus how to access the media you want.  If able, please test the media to make sure it will work for the guest teacher.

If you leave your teacher laptop for tech media use, then you might want your students to watch MHTV.  However, we have also decided that it is ok on days when there is a guest teacher, if the class DOES NOT watch MHTV for that day.  Showing MHTV is kind of a complicated set up for a guest teacher that has never worked in your classroom before, so you can keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading this little tidbit.


Your librarian and EdTech Support Person

Illuminate New School Year Class Seating Charts

posted Aug 22, 2018, 8:38 AM by Martha Dyer

Please let your teachers know that they will not be able to create seating charts for their classrooms until tomorrow, because they are tied to attendance.  Please do not create custom rosters to create seating charts.  Custom rosters cause issues when it comes time to publish grades. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Belynda Flippo | SCCS System Support Specialist | 831.429.3410 x247

B&W Screen Fix, Broken Keyboards, RAM Taken, Activity Directory

posted Jun 6, 2018, 10:40 AM by Martha Dyer

Just to summarize:

The black and white issue can be fixed in most cases with the windows key-ctrl-C key combo.  I believe this is disabled by default, so we concluded that students have gained access to the admin password, which is a much more serious issue.  However, that account will be gone by the next school year, so that issue will be resolved.  

One computer had a broken keyboard.  One other has a missing keyboard.  If there are spares we can use them, or we can buy some extra.  Amazon Basics keyboards are cheap and fine (we have a few in there already).

Finally, one computer has had the RAM module removed, making it unusable until it is replaced.  A replacement part will run about $80, and I can install it.  We can also check the other computers to see if it was installed in one of them, but my guess is it was pocketed.  Let me know if you want to purchase a replacement and I'll send a link.

Regarding next year, we will be implementing Active Directory in labs and eventually everywhere.  If you remember, we talked a while ago about making the students log into the computers with their personal accounts, like they do on chromebooks.  We can enforce that policy, or we can have a generic MH Lab login.  In either case the security and manageability of the lab will be greatly improved.


Auditorium Projector Cart in Storage Closet Across from Office-Check out and Return it

posted May 8, 2018, 8:39 AM by Martha Dyer

There is a cart that lives in the storage closet across from the main office.  It is a projector cart reserved for admin and presentations in the auditorium.  

Please borrow the key from Ale, get the cart and plug it in to set up for your presentation.  You might be abel to train an reliable student to set up for presentations.    

Please also put the cart back in the closet when done.  

It is really nice to have a dedicated projector cart downstairs for the auditorium presentations.
Thanks Ale for labeling it.

Blackboard-Emailing/Messaging Service

posted Apr 17, 2018, 8:20 AM by Martha Dyer   [ updated Apr 17, 2018, 8:21 AM ]

Blackboard Overview

Lesson Plan for Tech Coaches

Prepared by James Chisholm


Blackboard is a messaging system that is used for communicating important information to teachers, students, staff and parents. This lesson will cover creating basic messages and reports in Blackboard. (20 Min)


  1. Web based app access (Basic)

  2. Creating messages (Basic)

  3. Creating reports (Basic)


  1. Login to Blackboard

  2. Create a message

  3. Create/View a report


  1. Blackboard Account (Active)

  2. Connected Laptop (Internet)

  3. Web Browser (Chrome)


Steps to check for student understanding

  1. Ability to login to Blackboard account

  2. Ability to create a message

  3. Ability to create and analyse a report


Verify Access (Login) to Blackboard - view the video tutorials/help files linked below

Blackboard Login


Video Tutorials

BB Tracking


BB Emergency


Help Files



Google Hangouts Chat

posted Apr 16, 2018, 1:55 PM by Martha Dyer

From an email with Jon

Here are the things I wanted to show you last night.

If you want the short version without my editorializing:

On we go:

1. Hangouts Chat is a work-focused revision to Hangouts, incorporating a lot of features that should make it more useful for groups to communicate.

Instead of living in your Gmail tab or the dedicated hangouts tab (hangouts.google.com), Chat runs as a separate program.  Within one group chat you can have multiple conversations and they will be physically (virtually?) separated:

So here I have two conversations shown in our IT team chat.  In the first I posted a poll (more on this later), and on the second I posted a Google Sheet.  Replies to the poll will go in that section, responses to the second conversation will go down there.  The idea is that it's easier to track multiple conversations because they're not all in one long feed.  If you've used Slack before, this is basically how that works too.

Two other things shown here: Polly the poll bot and other bots can be added to your chat to do various things, like set meetings or open polls or hook in to other apps (not many seem like they'd be useful for us, but I imagine more will come around over time).  

And also the Google Sheet is added right in, instead of a link.  If I click on it I can preview it, and from there I can open it in Sheets as well.

Finally, this communicates back and forth with standard Hangouts, so you can still talk with people who aren't using Chat.  Oh and there's an app for your phone too.

I hope you'll find this useful for yourselves and for your staff.  If you want to try it out please let your site tech know (or install it yourself if you're using your own device- https://get.google.com/chat/ )

2.  Apple School Manager/Mobile Device Management

This is more for your information and isn't something you'll use directly.  But it's good to know what it can do so you can make informed suggestions to staff about what we can and can't do with Apple products.

This is a two part operation.  Apple School Manager ties together device purchases, app purchases, and our student rosters.  MDM allows us to control devices.  The combination will allow us to (for example) add and remove apps to devices on a per-class or per-student basis, restrict certain settings on macs and ipads, lock reset or wipe devices remotely, 

It also enables Apple's Classroom app, which is built in to newer iPads.  Classroom allows a teacher to monitor their students activity, open apps for them, send them to particular websites, restrict them in various ways, and do other useful stuff.  

Finally, we'll be able to use iPads in shared mode, which will allow all students to have their own profile on classroom ipads.  So any documents or media or bookmarks or whatnot that they make will be saved for them (more like a Chromebook where each student accesses their personal account instead of one shared one).  

There are many different MDM products, and we're currently testing Zuludesk, which is education focused.  Depending on how it goes we may also test Mosyle, another edu focused MDM:

These products have some additional tools for teachers to use, though I haven't dug into them yet. 

Getting all our students and devices hooked in to this system will be a fairly long term project as it requires us to touch each device, but new devices will be configured out of the box, so going forward this will get easier and easier.  Stay tuned for more news!

Hope this was useful and/or informative, have a great weekend.

Clever-Easy sign in Badge

posted Apr 16, 2018, 12:52 PM by Martha Dyer

Email from Jon about Clever.  It's particularly convenient for k-3 because we gave them the ability to log in to their Chromebooks using a Clever badge that takes them right to their Clever dashboard, but it's definitely there for everyone.  We can attach a ton of different apps to it, and it provides rostering and single-sign on support for most of them (meaning, classes are already assembled in the app and students only ever have to log in to Clever, not the app itself).  We can also add any web link to the Dashboard, and I can delegate that ability to site personnel (probably tech coaches, congrats!).  So if you wanted to make bookmarks available to MH students that's an easier way to do it than adding it to their Google account (and you don't have to ask us to do it).  Let me know if you're in to that.

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