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Common Core and Library  Standards:

CCSS.LA.6.W.CCR.8 - Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism.

Learning Goal:

I will search for information about  Ancient India and evaluate my sources from websites on Google and CA State Library databases.

Success Criteria:

I can explain one advantage and one disadvantage for general Google search and for the CA State Library databases.

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MHMS Scholastic Book Fair
Online Fair: February 12

Thank you for all your support of our school!

2019 MHMS SC Warriors Read to Achieve
Top Readers


Nathan Kwok

6th grade  

3,015,864 million words read


Philippa Davis

7th grade

2,944,432 million words read


Brandon Yeager

7th grade

2,459,965 million words read

World Scholars Cup

San Jose Round 2019

Sunday March 10 & Monday March 11

  • MH can take teams of three to represent MHMS.

  • Cost: $20 per student, included lunch on Sunday and Monday.  

How to Start:

  1. Check out the website-especially the team events page.

  2. Get your team of 3 together.  Talk with Ms. Dyer to get your team registered and get more info. Come up with a team name.

  3. Mark your calendar for March 10 and 11 and talk about ride sharing.

  4. Work with your team and Ms. Dyer or one of your teachers to start preparing for the team events.
Thank You!

January's Crafty Library Competition-Submit your Letter Garland to Win Prizes
You could say: Thank You, Happy Birthday, Good Vibes, Read On, Feliz Cumpleaños, Happy Holidays, etc.  Ask for re-purposed books and maps from the library to get started:)

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Ms Dyer's Top Reads for 2017/18~Outstanding Books I've Read


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