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Fact Checking Sites

Concerned about the reliability of information found online?
Use these recommended sites to check the source.

FactCheck.org - checks  the factual accuracy of statements 

Open Secrets - tracks donors, interests groups, PACs

Pew Research Center - nonpartisan research on journalism & media

PolitiFact - researches statements and rate their accuracy on the Truth-O-Meter

RAND - objective analysis of public policy issues

Sharethefacts - a fact-checking widget you can share on facebook or twitter

Snopes.com - researches rumors & hoaxes

Southern Poverty Law Center - research on hate groups

Washington Post Fact Checker

WhoIs Directory - lists who owns domain names  

List provided by LibGuides at Cabrillo College
: http://cabrillo.libguides.com/news 

Summer Reading and Book Returns

All library books and unused textbooks are now due. Textbooks that are still required for classwork are due on the day of the final.

Seniors must return all their library and textbooks to receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony.  

Students enrolled in AP, Intensive or Honors classes for next fall: Books for summer reading assignments are available in the library for check out. First come, first serve.

9-11th graders can also check out library books for Summer Reading. Students can come by and speak with library staff if they are interested.

Bookshop Santa Cruz offers a fantastic reading program each summer that encourages students to read at least six books.  A few things you may not know about the program:

·         Students do not need to purchase a book from Bookshop.

·         Students who complete the bookmark receive:

§  $5 Bookshop Santa Cruz gift card

§  A Slice of Pizza from Pizza My Heart

§  A Scoop of Ice-Cream from Penny Ice-Creamery

§  A Santa Cruz Warrior Prize

Please come see us in the library or email me at sgreene@sccs.net if you have any questions.

Have a fantastic summer break!

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Recommended Mathematics Websites

Specific Aspects

List provided by LibGuides at Cabrillo College: Mathematics


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