What are you loan policies for library materials?

All BSSC students and families are welcome to check out books from the BSSC Library!  The following are the guidelines for checking out books:
  • Books are due two weeks to the day from the date of book-check-out.
  • Books can be renewed.
  • Jr. Earth Students may check out one book at a time.
  • All other BSSC students may check out two books at a time.  If more books are required, please speak with Jolene to work it out!
  • Parents are welcome to check out as many books as needed to support the needs of their students.  We are very happy to set up parent accounts to accommodate these loans.
  • If books are lost or damaged, the borrower (or parent/guardian of the borrower) is responsible for paying for the replacement of the book.

I lost (or damaged) my book.  What happens now?

Lost or damaged books need to be replaced.  If you find yourself in this situation, please come to the library to discuss payment with Jolene or Anne.  

When can we use the library?

The BSSC Library is open from 8:30-2:00 Monday - Friday!  You are welcome to come to the library anytime during open hours!  Please be aware that there are often library classes happening in the library (see the calendar for an up-to-the-minute schedule).  If a class is in session in the library or computer lab, you may need to wait for book check-out or librarian assistance.