Welcome to Branciforte Middle School's Library
The Branciforte Middle School Library is a safe space where all students are encouraged to learn, explore, reflect and create.
We read to increase empathy, expand understanding, and develop ourselves as critical thinkers, consumers, and producers of content.  
Teachers and librarians work together and collaborate to strengthen 21st Century skills across the curriculum and ensure that students are prepared for high school, college, and career.
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Some things you need to know:*

**You can check out 2 books at a time! 
Only 1 of those books can be a comic-book style graphic novel

This does not include books checked out for your classes.

**Books can be checked out for 2 weeks

**If a book you want to read is already checked out, you can reserve it!

**You can renew your book as many times as you need...
...As long as no one has reserved it.
You must have the book with you to renew it.

**If you lose or damage a book, talk to Ms. Boox or Margaret.  
They are nice.
It will be fine.

Library Staff

 Jessica Brooks
AKA Ms. Boox
Teacher Librarian
 Margaret Dalbesio
World's Best
Librarian's Assistant
 Ollie Ziff
Librarian & 
Wizarding Support

Image result for santa cruz warriorsReading Warriors Goal Setting Challenge is FINISHED!Image result for santa cruz warriors
This year's class winners...
1st place: 15.8 books per student-----Ms. Moen's 2/3 Core
      2nd place: 15.5 books per student-----Ms. Thompson's 5/6 Core
3rd place: 12.5 books per student-----Ms. Moen's 4/5 Core
                         4th place TIE: 12.38 books per student-----Ms. Presant's and Ms. Thompson's 1/2 Core

Our top student readers...
Ally Wong-----61 books
Zander Becker-----58 books
Sofia Jimenez-----54 books
Tara Liem----50 books
Alex Wong-----50 books
Isa Lawrence-----41 books
Maya Lawrence-----38 books
Johnna Manson-----38 books
Morgyn Michelson-----37 books
Kanaea Bonn-----36 books

Congratulations to our READING SAVAGES!
Zander Becker     (6th)               
Sofia Jimenez    (8th)  
Tara Liem    (7th)                   
Isa Lawrence    (8th)                                            
Christian Root    (6th)
Ally Wong    (7th)
Alex Wong    (7th)
Kanaea Bonn  (8th)  
Natalie Hunter    (8th)
April Torres    (7th)
Johnna Manson    (6th)
Maya Lawrence    (6th)
Maisey Higgins    (7th)
Daphne Johnson    (6th)
Milo Ngo (6th)
 Cruz Cooper    (7th)
 Conall Barber    (7th)
Nina O'Farrell (7th)
Carmen Luna Diaz (6th)
Morgyn Michelson (8th)
Anais Huet (6th)
Maya Seifert (6th)
Cassandra Kemos (8th)
Zora Martin Etemadi (7th)
Summer Le Clair (6th)
Aidan Krietz (7th)
Scarlet Herr (6th)
Amelia Wyland (7th)
Rowan Jones (8th)
Alicia Guzman (6th)
Maria Perez Torres (8th)
Evan Byram (8th)
Yazmin Diaz Cruz (8th)

Staff Savages:  Ms. Brooks, Ms. Cameron, Ms. Thompson, Ms. O'Neil, Ms. Petersen-Lindberg, Mr. Norman
Highlighted names= Double Savage!!

The 2017 Young Adult Library Service Association (YALSA)
Official Top Ten has been announced!

YALSA Top Ten 2017

Celebrate your RIGHT to READ
Was your favorite book challenged last year?  

Top 10 Challenged Books of 2016


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