Fundraising FAQs

Q: What is the SCCLCFA?

A: Our Fundraising Team was granted non-profit status in September 2008 making the San Carlos Charter Learning Center Fundraising Association (or SCCLCFA, for short) a non-profit with 501(c)3 status.

Q: Why did CLC start a separate fundraising association?

A: The reason for this change is historical to CLC. We do not have a traditional PTA, which is usually the fundraising arm for a school. We have always put the fundraising proceeds in a separate bank account (separate from the District and separate from our operational account), however, CLC was advised that it would be best if this fundraising account was associated with a non-profit that was incorporated on its own. So, we incorporated our fundraising efforts as the San Carlos Charter Learning Center Fundraising Association. All of our CLC fundraising monies go into this SCCLCFA account. [Note: CLC is not yet a separate 501(c)3 corporation; it is part of the San Carlos School District; Technically, CLC is a hybrid charter -- we are part of the District, our employees are District employees, but we manage and control our own budget.] 

Q: Are Donations to the SCCLCFA tax deductible?

A: Yes; All donations to the SCCLCFA are tax deductible! Our Tax ID# is 90-0120643. Please make out checks to SCCLCFA. You can make a donation with cash, check, or credit card. Other donation methods include American Express rewards points ($10 donation for every 1,000 points redeemed), gifts of stock, monthly deductions from your checking account or by credit card, and matching corporate gifts.  If you would like to donate using a credit card or through Paypal, please click here.

Q: Who runs the SCCLCFA?

A: The SCCLCFA has a separate board who makes decisions about the budget expenditures. The current SCCLCFA board members are Maureen Murphy, President; Albert Boyle, Secretary; and Amy Walsh, Treasurer, and Sonya Sigler, Fundraising Chair.

Q: Is CLC still participating in SCEF?

A: Yes – CLC is still participating in San Carlos Educational Foundation. We wholeheartedly support the SCEF fundraising effort, which helps fund staff positions at our school in PE, Literacy and the Library.

Q: How does our CLC fundraising effort fit with SCEF?

A: The SCEF model recognizes that not all money needed for programs not funded by the state can be raised by at the district level. Therefore money can be raised at school level fundraisers to support programs beyond those sponsored by SCEF which funds CLC’s PE, Literacy and Library.