English Courses: Semester 1, 2019 / 20

ENG 1L1   - Grade 9 Locally Developed English, Period 4
  1. Course Outline / Student Information Sheet
  2. Class Policies
  3. Assignment Rubrics for each unit
  4. Dates of Upcoming Evaluations
Please note: Important class notes and assignments can be found in google classroom.

ENG 4U1 - Grade 12 University English, Periods 1 and 2

Please note:  All course information (notes, handouts, etc) and daily homework can be found on the blended learning website : https://tinyurl.com/mrvoisey  The username and passwords are as follows:
Username: firstname.lastname###  (last 3 digits of student number)  
Password: Your student number

MLA Documentation

Contact Information:

Mike Voisey
St. Patrick's High School
519 332 3976 ext. 20898