SCC Technology Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ICN Room @ RC

ICN Room @ LC

Time: 7:30-7:59 am (Spanish starts at 8:00—please be prompt.)



Major Projects Overview

            New Server at RC

            Microsoft $

                Elem—used theirs for ipads and Lakeshore Interactive Software and 3rd Grade Smartboards

                MS—used theirs for a laptop cart & Misc Office software

                HS—used for Microsoft Office & Misc software licenses

                Data Entry—pretty good so far

            Web-Based JMC


            Switch to SCC email

            Website    --need to use MORE since we have no newsletter

                            --MS & Elementary—announcements are done through google docs since we are down to just

                              ONE web server for the district

                            --Suggestion has been made to post In-Service Agenda to website as well--much like this agenda


Student Internet/Technology Use Policy (Similar to the staff policy created this fall)

(Is there a sub-committee of 3-4 people who would be willing to work on this through google docs?)  Needs to have a happy medium between the 2 paragraphs in the HS handbook and the 3 pages in the MS handbook!  Needs to be written and discussed so that it can go into the handbooks BEFORE principals take it to the board.


 Planning for 2013-2014


            Recurring Expenses—filters, firewalls, backups, etc.

            Wireless Quote at RC Buildings

            USF--Internet/Phone Access, Priority 2 Project--Phone System at RC

            Brainstorming and Staff Input—Needs>Wants—Need to find a happy medium.

                Gather Input

                Evaluate Feasibility

                Meet w/Supt regarding Budget Constraints

                Draft to Committee Members for revisions

                Present to Board in April

            Summer Work--Coordinate with summer school dates and "flying solo"