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eBook and Online Audiobook HELP

  • Over 1,000 eBooks and online audiobook titles
  • Can be enjoyed 24/7, 365 days a year
  • 3 week circulation
  • 5 items checked out at one time
  • Can be accessed online or downloaded onto a device

Compatibility with Devices

Using the Destiny Discover App


Read the book online (if you want to browse, use the book for research or if you don't want to check out the book):
  • "Open" the book you want to read and log in as a Guest. 
  • Passwords: read, read
Check out the eBook... if the book is longer and you'll need more time with it...
  • Login with your SCASD user id and password
  • Find a title to read
  • Choose "Checkout" button 
  • Your due date will appear
  • Choose "Open" to begin reading
  • All eBooks will automatically "check in" on their due date.
  • To return the book earlier, choose menu icon (3 lines) at the top of the Destiny Discover catalog page. Choose "Checkouts" and then choose "Return." 
  • Further information on using eBooks and online audiobooks