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Wolve's Talent Show

    The Wolves held their annual talent show, and it was once again a smashing success.  Show participant, and co-writer of this story, Erin Wheeland, shared her thoughts after her two-act performance.  “As a performer for the Talent Show, I felt extremely nervous before I got on stage.  But once I did, I just looked at the back of the auditorium, and felt a little better.  Looking at the back really helped because I just thought no one was there, considering it was empty.  So, looking where it’s empty really can help.”  

    For all of you who missed the action, wait no more. Here is the front-row seat to what went on in the 6th Grade Wolves Talent Show. Here are the acts in order:
  1. Jaiden Wileuy  and Maddi, dancing (“Year Without Rain” by Salena Gomez)
  2. Liz Allgeier, Lexi Battaglia, Carrie Little, dancing and singing (“Bam” by Miranda Cosgrove)
  3. Emma Wilcock, Lindsay Sausman, Ann Marie and Erin Wheeland, dancing and singing (“Firework” by Katy Perry)
  4. Zoe Mierwald and Masha Staub, flute
  5. Ryan McNulty, recited script from movie
  6. Ted Rosenbulm and Preston, comedy
  7. Erin Wheeland, singing (“Songs Like This” by Carrie Underwood)
  8. Ashley Bang, piano solo
  9. Megano the Magnificent (Domonic Leah Maines), magic act
  10. C.J. Raymond, ukulele
  11. Mariah Webb, Domonic, and Molly Warshaw, game show
  12. Lindsay Sausman and Jaiden Wiley, singing (“Someone Like You” by Adele)
  13. Carrisa Lenke, singing
  14. Nathanial Deloier, comedy
  15. Olivia Kerr and Ann Marie, singing (“American Honey” by Lady Antebellum)
  16. Caitlen Mosure, singing (“Bubbly” by Colbie Caillet)
  17. Trae, rap
  18. The Interns, dancing
  19. Teachers, singing (“12 Days of School”)
  20. Sing-a-long: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer , and Jingle Bells

    We have some real talent at PFMS, especially musical talent! We interviewed some people who weren’t in the show to see if they agreed. These are the Top 7 votes for the crowd favorites:

#7: Anything that included music
#6: “Firework”
#5: Interns
#4: Nathanial Delozeir
#3: Ted Rosenblum and Preston
#2: Magic act
And finally at #1: The 6th-grade sing-a-long.