6th Grade Technology Education        

All 6th graders receive technology education for 1 quarter, every day, totaling 10 weeks of instruction.

Extend, Explore & Extra Help Time:

If you want to extend your project, explore a new technology or need extra help, I am available:

Wednesday & Thursday 2:35 –3:25 

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During this time period the 6th graders master:

  • Problem Solving through The Design Process
  • Electricity
  • Building a Speaker
  • Arduino Physical Computing 
  • Alternative types of energy
  • Designing a Wind Turbine 
  • Performance test and evaluate their project 

Throughout the quarter we discuss careers in engineering, designing, and technical fields.
The curriculum is aligned with NYS Learning Standards and ITEEA Technology Literacy Standards. 

The course also focuses on teaching students how to: 
  • think critically 
  • brainstorm
  • work in teams
  • problem solve