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2. NECESIDADES (NECESSITIES): Image result for school supplies
                                               ***MATERIALS *** 

  • DRY ERASE MARKER w/Eraser (or rag) 
  • HEADPHONES for your device
  • BASIC ART SUPPLIES (markers, colored pencils)
  • KAMI EXTENSION (to digitally mark up PDF's etc.)
2. GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Click on your class link to add yourself to your class' Google Classroom where you will upload projects and writing assignments.  

                                                              Spanish 323 (section 2) (code: 5uornju) 
Spanish 323 (section 4) (code: bmh42kt)
Spanish 323 (section 6)   (code: beunoit)
Spanish 342 (section 1)  (code: puzdh7r)
Spanish 342 (section 2)  (code: ar7ejw6)

3. ENCUESTA DE ESTUDIANTE (STUDENT SURVEY): Go to Google Classroom to complete STUDENT SURVEY (NOTE:  You must hit "Submit" and "Mark as Done" in GOOGLE CLASSROOM when completed to receive credit!).

4. ALERTAS DEL TEXTO (TEXT ALERTS/REMINDERS): Go to Remind.com and enter your class code (see below) under "Join Class." You will receive text or email alerts for important messages like when class is canceled or when we will be meeting in alternative locations like the I-lab or Little Theater! 
Homeroom = @home407                             
Spanish 323 (section 2)  = @hola3232                                      
Spanish 323 (section 4) = @hola3234           
Spanish 323 (section 6) = @hola3236
Spanish 342 (section 1) = @hola3421
Spanish 342 (section 2) = @hola3422    

1) SPANISH 323
-Online Textbook (Descubre 2 (VHL Central)

2) SPANISH 342  
-Online Textbook (Senderos 4 (VHL Central)

6. SEÑOR WOOLY:  Get your class code from Sra. A then go to the SEÑOR WOOLY website to set up an account and join your class.

7. QUIZLET: Click on your class to access and even add to the Quizlet flashcards for our course.Image result for quizlet icon
Click on your course/section to join class if you haven't done so via Google Classroom:
323 (section 2)    323 (section 4)    323 (section 6)