Welcome to the RU-N Mathematics & Computer Science Club!

This club is for undergraduate students of all majors who want to learn the wonders of mathematics and computer science. Our meetings consist of both real life applications and the theory behind them. Some of the topics we have discussed in the past include:Mathematical Paradoxes
  • Pascal's Triangle
  • Rumbik's Cube
  • Mandelbrot Set
  • Fractals
  • Euler's Formula and Roots of Unity
  • Roots of Unity and Cubic Roots
  • Cubic Roots and Geometric Series
  • Job Prospects for Mathematicians
  • Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • Manifolds
  • Halting Problem
  • Banach-Tarski Paradox

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                    Math and CS Club 2016-2017

We meet every other Wednesday in Smith Hall, and there's always FREE PIZZA! See the calendar below for details.

Upcoming Meetings