NEW: Please visit for my updated website. This website is no longer maintained.
I am a PhD student in the CS department (since Sep 2016) at the Intelligent Visual Interfaces lab in Rutgers University working on Multi-modal A.I., under the supervision of Dr. Mubbasir Kapadia and Dr. Gerard De Melo. Particularly, I work on joint understanding of images/videos with abstract and narrative text with applications to story illustration, visual storytelling, image captioning and image retrieval. I previously worked on authenticating multimedia content such as videos and images using passive image analysis techniques and Machine Learning. Visit for my updated website. 

Affiliation                    :  Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modelling center @ Rutgers. 

Research Interests   : Multi-modal data understanding using Deep Learning
                                         Computer Vision
                                         Natural Language Processing
                                         Machine Learning
                                         Image/Video Analysis
                                         Multimedia Forensics

Current Research     : (i) Joint Representation learning of co-occurring images and text
                                        (ii) Semantic understanding of Multi-modal data
                                        (iii) Cross-modal retrieval, Visual storytelling and Story Illustration

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