I am a PhD student in the CS department (since Sep 2016) at Rutgers University working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Particularly, 

(i) Representation learning for Multi-modal data .
(ii) Representation learning for large social networks to predict information flow and cascades.

under the supervision of Dr. Mubbasir Kapadia and Dr. Gerard De Melo

I previously worked as a Research Associate at IIIT-D, India for three years under the supervision of Dr. A. V. Subramanyam. I worked on authenticating multimedia content using passive image analysis techniques.

Affiliation                    :  Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modelling center @ Rutgers. 

Research Interests   : Multi-modal AI, Representation Learning,  Machine Learning, Image/Video                                                      Analysis, Multimedia Forensics. 

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