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Welcome to the Digital Media Lab (DML) Wiki! The Digital Media Lab, located within the ARC Computer Lab, is intended to be used for audio and video editing tasks. This wiki will serve as a guide for the use of equipment and software found in the DML.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions can be forwarded to


DML Machines 01 and 02

DML Machines 03 and 04

   DML 001  DML 002 DML 003  DML 004 
 Apple iMac 3.5 Ghz Y Y Y
 JVC HR-DVS3 (Tape Deck) Y

 Cable Matters Media Hub
 Buffalo HD Blu Ray

 JVC SR-DVM600 (Tape Deck)

 Nikon CoolScan V  
 Monoprice Tablet - 8x6 inches

Our 27 inch iMacs are state of the art, and come loaded with useful digital media editing software. 

The Nikon Coolscan V ED is used for film scanning, and can scan many different media such as 35mm, miscrofilm slides, and many other things. The software used to slide scans would be VueScan and is only on the computers with the slide scanners (DML03 & DML04).

Cable Matters Universal Media Hub can read from multiple types of storage devices, including SecureDigital(SD), MemoryStick(MS), SmartMedia(SM), CompactFlash(CF), and USB Flash Drives. The Media Hub is available on all the DML computers.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter allows easy connection of Thunderbolt-equipped Mac devices to a FireWire device.  

Our external Buffalo optical drives can read and write on optical media such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray discs.

The JVC SR-DVM600 is one type of VCR found in the DML... 

...and the JVC HR-DVS3U is the other. 

The Monoprice Tablet allows users to gain precise control of their cursor to draw more accurately and efficiently. The graphics tablet can be used on both operating systems, but can be a finicky. 

The sword and shield to the Monoprice tablet. 
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  • The DML door may not be closed unless the patron needs to capture audio and requests it.
  • Slide scanners are available at the consultant station upon request.
  • If speakers are used, they must not be so loud as to disrupt other patrons' use of the lab.
  • The DML must be used for multimedia purposes only. Patrons must use the General Access Lab for all other purposes.
  • Patrons who would like to borrow the Monoprice tablet must leave some form of identification at the consultant station (i.e. Rutgers ID)
  • Overnight Rendering - Due to the nature of video editing and 3d rendering, there are occasions in which a patron may require the use of our DML facilities for prolonged periods of time. For this reason, we offer our patrons the ability to request 'Overnight Rendering'. With Supervisor approval, a consultant may issue a patron a 'Rendering, Do not disturb' sign from the consultant station, and block off their machine from access. These machines will not restart themselves after 15 minutes, meaning that if a patron remains signed in, his or her assigned video editing or rendering tasks can continue even after the lab has been closed.