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Proficiency-Based Education

Proficiency-based education (PbE) refers to systems of instruction (teaching) that are based on students demonstrating the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education. In each of their classes, students are engaged in learning activities that are directly tied to specific learning goals and standards.

In accordance with state policy, high school students graduating, beginning in 2021, will be expected to meet standards in order to earn a high school diploma. Prior to this year, our educators have been diligently identifying grade-level standards and learning goals, developing assessments, and building the necessary systems to track and report student progress. 

Much effort has gone in at the local level to develop systems that are transparent, communicate progress clearly, and are set up in a way that parents and students can understand. 

We hope that you will find this a helpful clearinghouse of resources. 

Documents & Resources

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