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World Language

The Foreign Language Department at Scarborough High School offers classes in Spanish, French, and Latin. Entry-level classes focus on the basics of the language, and on frequently-used vocabulary. Advanced classes (Level 4 and higher) are taught completely in the target language, and cover history, culture and advanced vocabulary/grammar.

World Language Department Faculty

NamePosition/DepartmentWeb PortalEmail (
Davis, Matthew Latin Teacher  mdavis 
Dumont, Sandra French Teacher  sdumont 
Kelman, Briana Department Head/Spanish Teacher   bkelman 
Nyanutse, Rene French Teacher  rnyanutse 
Shupp, Michelle  Latin Teacher  mshupp 
VanNeste, Helene French Teacher  hvanneste 
Wasden, Brooke Spanish Teacher  bwasden 
Zavasnik, Christy Spanish Teacher  czavasnik 
Zavasnik, Erik Spanish Teacher  ezavasnik 
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