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The Science Department strives to prepare our students for 21st century society by providing them with critical thinking and inquiry skills as well as the knowledge to make educated choices about the world around them. Our core subjects of Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are designed to meet the learning results for all students as well as prepare them for success in college science classes. Our electives are designed to provide enrichment for those interested in other science subjects, and our AP program provides a rigorous college experience for those interested in getting a head start on college.

Science Department Faculty

NamePosition/DepartmentWeb PortalEmail (
Allen, Kelly Science Teacher  kallen 
Bither, Greg Science Teacher  gbither 
Brown, Elin Science Teacher  ebrown 
Carroll, Michael Science Teacher  mcarroll 
Chamberlain, Jamie Science Teacher  jchamberlain 
Guerin, Nate Science Teacher  nguerin 
Keller, Aaron Science Teacher  akeller 
McCormack, Albert Science Teacher   amccormack 
Roberts, Christine Science Teacher  cbeecher 
Stanhope, Judy Science Teacher  jstanhope 
Walch, Toby Science Teacher  twalch 
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