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Internship Program

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The SHS Internship Program is designed to provide valuable, real-world experience in a career or field of interest identified by the student. Juniors and Seniors spend 6-9 hours per week in a supervised internship experience with a set of learning goals the student will work toward accomplishing, resulting in the completion of more than 90 hours of internship experience. Mentors are a critical part of the student’s learning experience, and a key component of the Internship Program is matching students with a mentor within the organization or business that directly relates to a career or college major to which the student aspires. Mentors give students the opportunity to learn from an adult with a similar career interest and help to focus the experience on real work in a professional setting, adding context and depth to the student’s learning experience.

SHS is grateful to following businesses & organizations which have or are currently supporting internships for our students:
If you are interested in hosting an intern or learning more information about the program, please contact Internship Program Coordinator Christy Zavasnik,, 207-730-5084.