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The art program at Scarborough's primary schools provides students the opportunity to understand and appreciate the visual arts and to explore their creative potential through a variety of hands-on art projects. Students learn about the world of art and artists through exploration of art materials, developing an understanding of art concepts (line, shape, color, texture, form and design) and looking at art from various time periods and cultures.

The art curriculum is intended to enable children to find new ways of communication and self-expression and feel comfortable with their own forms of artistic expression. As students learn to recognize, talk about and work with art, they will develop an understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts that will continue throughout their lives.

Examples of the visual arts curriculum:
  • Kindergarten: The focus is on discovering and identifying elements of art (line, shape, color, texture), exploration of various media and developing beginning skills in the use of tools and processes.

  • Grade 1: A variety of art materials including crayon, paint, paper and clay are used. The visual elements (line, shape, color, texture) are stressed in many art projects. There continues to be an exploration of materials but an explanation of some techniques may be introduced. Students will look to their immediate environment, familiar places, activities, family and friends for inspiration when creating art. Art from other cultures will be explored and provide inspiration for creating art.

  • Grade 2: The visual elements (line, shape, color, texture, form) continue being utilized in art projects. Activities include drawing, painting, color-mixing, weaving, collage and sculpture. Materials include paint, marker, colored pencils, cra pas, paper, watercolor and clay. The students will be introduced to some famous artists and their work. This will provide inspiration for their work. Students will begin to discuss and critique their work and that of others.