The Recertification/Renewal of your professional certification is the process whereby an administrator must renew his/her professional certificate every five year. A handbook and this accompanying website has been prepared for you by the Administrators’ Recertification/Renewal Board to assist you through the process.

Our intent is to provide you with information that will enable you to successfully develop and complete your plan. Our process has been designed to emphasize reflective practice and our hope is that at the end of this process, each administrator will feel a sense of renewal.

This process is intended to provide each administrator with the opportunity to further enhance his/her leadership and, in some cases, technical knowledge and skills. Each goal is to be a learning goal for the leader – not for the led. As you go through the assessment process and begin to develop your action plan, pay particular attention to the actual goals that you are setting for yourself. It is these goals that the action plan must be designed to meet.

Your district’s representatives to the Administrators’ Recertification/ Renewal Board are available to assist you throughout the process. Do not hesitate to ask for their support.

Certification Documents

ARRC Committee Members

Board Executive Secretary & Chair

Kathy Germani

Cape Elizabeth

Michelle McClellan

Term expires June 2024

John Springer (Alt.)

Term expires June 2024


Sheila Jepson

Term expires June 2023

Ann Hanna

Term expires June 2024

Caitlin LeClaire (Alt.)

Term expires June 2024


Diane Nadeau

Term expires June 2025

Kelli Crosby (Alt.)

Term expires June 2025

South Portland

Carrie Stilphen

Term expires June 2023

Sonia Croft (Alt.)

Term expires June 2025